The adrenal glands are two organs that are located right above the kidney. These glands produce hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and aldosterone that control key body processes such as regulating blood pressure, glucose utilization, and water use in the body, among other functions. However, any issue in the adrenal gland is bound to affect your health adversely.

human anatomyAdrenal glands problems are quite rare. However, there are instances when these hormones might produce excess amounts of these hormones, especially when there is a tumor within the glands. While non-invasive techniques can remove some tumors, there are instances when the entire gland has to be removed by adrenalectomy, especially when the tumor is large, cancerous, or malignant.

Symptoms of Adrenal Glands Problems

How can you tell if someone has an adrenal gland problem? Some of the common issues observed among patients with adrenal problems include high blood pressure, severe headaches, excessive sweating, anxiety, weakness and fatigue, and fragile skin, among other causes.

If the adrenal gland issue has been detected by x-ray and the effects confirmed by blood and urine tests, the doctor might recommend surgery. Ideally, when the tumor produces excess hormones, or the tumor appears to be malignant, the doctor is bound to recommend surgical removal methods.

Preparing for Adrenal Surgery

Pre-operative tests are the first step patients with adrenal issues have to undergo. These tests might include an x-ray, electrocardiogram, and bled test. Based on test results, your doctor will then guide you through the other processes. For instance, people with hypertension might be expected to take medication to control blood pressure. On the other hand, the patient will also be advised on the dos and don’ts, especially regarding their dietary choices.

Expected Outcomes

Some patients are usually able to get back to their normal lives after a day of the surgery. However, you might also be advised to wait longer before resuming normal eating, drinking, and movements. Ideally, it is important to pay attention to doctor’s instructions, most of which are informed by your individual needs.

It is worth noting that adrenal gland problems are quite rare. However, anyone with a tumor of the adrenal gland requires adrenalectomy. This surgical operation goes a long way in fixing hormonal imbalance issues caused by the tumor. In other instances, the surgery serves to remove cancerous cells in these organs.