Detox is perhaps the most misused word in the wellness industry. Online blogs and magazines that belong to that category must have at least one article talking about, yet almost all of them tend to bring up pseudoscientific matters. Consequently, not only will you not get the promised results, but you may also endanger yourself from malnutrition or other health issues. 

Without proper understanding, the seemingly harmless word, detox, can harm your body. Hence, this is a must-read guide for you if you want to cleanse your body from the things that may perceive as ‘toxins’.

Your Body Detoxes Itself

the liver illustrationYour liver, kidneys, colon, and lungs are the organs responsible for removing waste materials and toxins from your body. The liver filters your blood so that drugs, alcohol, and chemicals won’t stay too long in your system. The by-products are excreted through urine and feces. Kidneys have more or less the same function as the liver in this context. As for your lungs, they filter contaminants you breathe in from the air. And finally, your colon completes the detox process by being the last organ to process all the toxins before they are expelled forever from your body. 

Detox Plans Are Supposed to Improve the Natural Process

a bowl of porridgeUsually, detox is proposed to be a diet plan that must be practiced in a period of three, seven, and even thirty days. But the biggest mistake in most of them is the calorie restriction and abstinence from important protein sources like meat, eggs, and fish and to substitute them with juices and smoothies only. As a result, your life quality will begin to degrade for juices are not as healthy as you think they are. In fact, they contain mostly sugar.

Therefore, be careful when you decide to follow a certain detox plan. Make sure that you still get all the nutrients your body needs.

Keep Track of the Results

When you try a new diet plan, you must take notes on how your body reacts to the change. If things begin to deteriorate, then you must not continue it. Don’t implement that ‘no pain, no gain’ principle here because you may end up with severe gastritis and malnutrition. In fact, you must pay special attention to this if your occupation requires you to operate machines or to work with medical instruments. Your ability to focus may be greatly affected if you change your diet drastically. 

Don’t Hesitate to Consult a Doctor

Another common mistake in implementing detox diets is that people are often reluctant to consult a real doctor. Even if the detox program is written by a doctor, they are not available to monitor your progress. In other words, you are actually alone in being responsible for your health. Therefore, don’t be a reckless person!