Menthol is a product which is obtained from peppermint oil. It exists in the form of white crystals having 70% of menthol. This product has many health benefits. It has potent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which make it have a wide application in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It has a cooling effect and a sweet aroma which is attributed to its minty flavor.

This product is used for easing congestion which often leads to difficulties in breathing. The difficulty experienced during breathing leads to uncomfortable condition and a miserable feeling. Regular cleansing of the lungs helps in treating many ailments affecting the respiratory system. Human beings are always breathing, and they are affected by clogging of sinuses as well as congestion of lungs. Menthol crystals help in relieving the upper respiratory irritation as well as reducing bronchoconstriction.

Uses of menthol crystals

Menthol crystals form an iutgfvbiuygoggactive ingredient in toothpaste, balms, mouthwashes and other products where it provides the familiar minty taste, odor, and a cooling sensation. The menthol crystals are mainly produced from rapid cooling of the peppermint essential oil. The crystals obtained are very concentrated, and they play a crucial role in the cleansing of lungs.

Menthol crystals for congestion and cough support

The lung cleansing products containing menthol crystals helps in providing tremendous relief by easing the symptoms associated with upper respiratory, congestion, coughs and sore throat. In fact, menthol is the chief ingredient in most of the respiratory balms and cough drops. You should, therefore, inhale the menthol crystals once you feel congested.

Inhaling this substance helps in breaking up the congestion of the lungs. Menthol crystals provide a soothing and cooling sensation which is very relieving to your lungs. You can also add these crystals in hot water and then inhale the vapor produced. This vapor would assist in soothing the irritated nasal passages and congestion. The steam produced provides an invigorating shower to your body.

Relieving tension headaches

This product helps in eliminating any diuygjkiugoiujkloiuhiscomfort caused by tension headaches. It is applied to the cheekbones, temples, and collarbone and under your nose some minutes before sleeping. It helps in relaxing tension and easing the minor congestions.


You are advised to dilute this substance with sweet jojoba, almond or with any other oil which is friendly to the skin because menthol crystals are very strong. You should also take care when applying this product on the face by keeping it away from your eyes since it is irritating to the eyes.