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Testosterone: What It Is and How it Affects Your Body

Without testosterone, there is hardly an erection. No muscle can grow significantly, and no beard becomes thick. It is also referred to as the growth hormone. Those who lack enough testosterone can supplement it. You should look for the best hgh supplements to give you a proper boost of this hormone.

What Is Testosterone Exactly?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen). As with all other hormones in the human body, testosterone is also a biochemical messenger substance. It has a chemical composition. This is based on androstane, i.e., organic hydrocarbon molecules.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Testosteronetestosterone doesn’t just control a man’s sexuality and fertility. It works in all organs. So while it contributes to sperm production, it is also responsible for your muscles. In addition, the hormone supports bone metabolism and promotes bone growth in adolescents. In a man’s physical development, the messenger substance is also involved in building and maintaining bone density.

Which Testosterone Level Is Normal?

The average testosterone level in an adult male’s blood is between 12 and 40 nmol/l (nanomoles per liter). Incidentally, women also have the hormone in their blood, but only a little. For comparison: in women, it is below 3 nmol/l, sometimes even so low that laboratories cannot even prove it. A value of 1 nmol/l means that 1 milliliter of blood drawn by the doctor with the syringe contains less than 1 billionth of a gram of the hormone. Little but effective.

Taking Testosterone: Lifestyle Hormone or Useful Supplement?

This question is justified: Testosterone is often only taken to achieve better sports results or strengthen muscles. The latter was prevalent in the bodybuilding scene. Anabolic steroids were taken here particularly often, which exposed the athletes to a considerable health risk.

If you inject yourself high doses of testosterone, thrombosis, strokes, and heart attacks can result. Also, dormant cancer foci in the body can be fueled by the additional testosterone administration, for example, in the prostate.

But if youtestosterone now think that a testosterone supply in the form of drugs is always harmful to your health: This is just the other side of the coin. The messenger substance can also have a positive effect on your body.

For example, hormone replacement can be used when a testosterone deficiency is detected and can help when there is a lack of sexual desire (loss of libido). Testosterone can be delivered to the body in different ways. Be it the conventional ingestion of tablets, an external application on the skin, or the injection (via syringe). Consult your doctor and look for the right testosterone boosters if you are to use one.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Testosterone Supplements

However, you need to be wary when buying such products to avoid getting goods that are likely to harm your body instead of helping it. These supplements are the go-to option for many individuals seeking to improve their muscle mass and strength gains. Other advantages of boosting testosterone levels in the body include rehabilitation of erectile dysfunction and low libido, better cognitive functions, improved mood, and increased energy.

To experience the benefits given above, ensure that you are getting a reliable product from a reputable dealer. Below are some things to consider when looking to make a worthy purchase of testosterone supplements.

Identify the Products

testosterone boostersThere is a wide variety to choose from, similar to other products in the market. Make the most out of the internet and research various brands and products to determine which one fits your needs. You can also find several videos that help you identify original and counterfeit items.

Due to the high demand for testosterone supplements, the market has seen a surge of counterfeit products. These commodities are health risks and not worth your money.

Find a Reputable Dealer

testosterone boostHow does one find a reputable dealer? It depends on various aspects, such as referrals and customer testimonials. If you do not know anyone to offer suggestions for the products to use or where to get them, you can quickly seek help online.

Using a search engine of your choice, pick a couple of distributors from the result lists. Online dealers are likely to have a comment section on their business site for reviews and ratings. Analyze each website to know what to expect and the legitimacy of the stock.

Avoid Rushing

If you want to start using testosterone booster supplements, avoid rushing to make a purchase. Learn more about the popular supplements available and pick the one that serves your purpose. Being in a hurry to buy testosterone supplements can result in the user experiencing adverse effects due to the presence of certain compounds or preservatives.

Have the Right Budget

Lastly, ensure that you have the right budget to make your purchase. Have limited finances can result in a buyer opting for cheap counterfeits. It is essential to use the right commodities, hence why counterfeits should never be an option.

As long as you have the points above in mind, getting the right testosterone supplements should be easy and fast.