Men take great pride in not only taking part in love-making but doing it satisfactorily, making their partner achieve orgasm as they also do. But for the male folk to do an excellent job in the bedroom, they need to have harder erections, not the penis going flaccid shortly after starting the intercourse. Some men suffer erectile dysfunction due to a myriad of issues like emotional and health problems.

Other men have low self-esteem because they doubt if their penis is large enough to satisfy their sexual partners. Fortunately, men who feel under-endowed can take some measures to increase penis size. For example, they can use male enhancement pills, penis pumps, undergo a penis enhancement procedure, and so on.

Here are some tips that could help men get harder erections for great sex experiences:

Proper Eating Habits

proper feeding habitsMedical experts say that any food that can promote heart health can also contribute to penile health. It would help to observe a Mediterranean diet to maintain proper penis function through harder erections. The Mediterranean diet comprises plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, healthy oils like olive oil, moderate fish portions, a reasonable amount of red wine, and a low intake of dairy, meat, and candy. The secret is to watch out for the risk factors for heart diseases, some of which are hypertension and obesity because they are also risk factors for ED.

Proper Communication with Sex Partners

proper communication with sexual partnersIn the absence of any underlying health conditions that can cause ED, psychological and emotional factors could hinder excellent sexual performance. Some psychological and emotional factors include unhappy past sexual experiences, lack of interest in the sexual partner, and anxiety or excess pressure to perform exceptionally sexually. To tackle the undue pressure to perform, talking with the partner can help reduce stress. It would also be best to see a sex therapist either when alone or as a couple.

Exercise Regularly

exercise regularlyFrequent workouts can help improve sexual response, according to research. Conversely, not doing physical activities can hurt erectile function. Simply put, exercising promotes blood flow to all the body parts, including the penis. Ideally, individuals should workout for at least 30 minutes a day.

Get Adequate Sleep

According to research, lack of sleep, disrupted sleep, and sleep disorders can negatively impact sexual function. You need to ensure you get enough quality sleep because it can minimize ED chances and make the sex function better.