Also known as striae, stretch marks are scarring on the skin, particularly on the dermis. It is usually caused by pregnancy, growth spurts, and rapid increase of weight. During these times, the skin stretches causing the elastin and collagen to rupture. As the skin is starting to heal is the formation of stretch marks which initially appear as red, pink, brown, or purple, depending on the skin color you have. As the scars continue to heal, narrow, faded, and soft-to-the-touch bands appear beneath your skin.

Stretch marks are cosmetic issues to women and even to some men, although the affected parts are hidden most of the time by clothing. Commonly affected areas are the tummy, back, breasts, upper arm, underarm, inner thigh, and buttocks. For those with wider affectations, they feel embarrassed when wearing swimsuits or other skimpy clothes. Indeed, looking for solutions, such as the best stretch mark cream, is a top concern for those who value their physical appearance.

But before indulging in any treatment option for your stretch marks, here are some things that you should know.

Stretch Marks Are Permanent

Stretch marks are permanent like many scars. After the scars heal, stretch marks are permanently embedded in your skin. Because stretch marks affect the dermis or the inner layer of the skin, no procedure can treat them. All treatments, including dermal procedures as chemical peeling, laser therapy, and mictodermabrasion, being done on stretch marks are only meant to make them less noticeable.

Tanning Do Not Treat Stretch

Save your money on tanning lotions and avoid tanning under the heat of the sun as it may cost you more harm than good. Tanning will never even out your skin texture and color.  It will even make your stretch marks more prominent.

Look for HA and Tretinoin in Creams

When shopping for creams, it is best to consult your dermatologist. Look for hyaluronic acid and tretinoin in creams before buying. They are the active ingredients that may help make your stretch marks less noticeable.

All Home Remedies Fail

Do not waste your time and effort to treat your stretch marks by concocting your own anti-stretch cream. Even if you massage almond oil, vitamin E, and olive everyday over stretch marks, you may not get your desired results. All home remedies for stretch marks fail. This has been proven by research.

Before undergoing treatment for your stretch marks, be sure that you are not pregnant. Creams may contain retinol which can harm your unborn baby.